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Dowload for HAC 2

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Dowload for HAC 2

Post by Atomis on Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:42 am

Hi to all ,

You will see here what can do
HAC 2 .
And you will know also how install the program in your PC.
but first, here is what you have with
HAC 2 :

1 : You can start Halo CE really quickly (it is awesome lol, 10 secondes, not more Twisted Evil).
2 : When you come in a server without have the map, the download start immidiately and install the map that you need.

3 : If you got server full, the game wait for you with a counter time and put you in game when free place is available.
4 : You can also bookmarked the server but atm, I don't know what is that lol and what is important in that. Question

Ok, now, I explain how put the program into Halo CE .

First, go here http://blog.haloanticheat.com/ and click on "download HAC 2" .

You will got a folder called "release.zip"
Unzipp it and you will got a files called "release" , double click on it and you will got a file called "loader.dll"
Put this file on "C\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls "
I have say "C" but it is the hard drive's name where Halo CE is installed ( "F" for me ^^)

After, start Halo CE, close it, and restart it, go on one server, and if you don't have the map, the program will download and install it for you .Twisted Evil Very Happy

Enjoy Laughing Very Happy Twisted Evil   

The Martian


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