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I want to be serious for a minute

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I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Cookiemnstr on Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:46 pm

I posted this on the FunClan forum, but I wanted to post this to my friends here as well.

Maybe its because I live in such a small state, but until last week the Swine Flu had yet to be a real part of my little world. That is until last night when I drove my fiance to the funeral parlor to say goodbye to a co-worker and dear friend of hers who sucumbed to the H1N1 virus. And while I knew the guy through her, I really wouldnt call him a friend myself.,still, from what little time I was around the man I can tell you that he was one of those people you enjoyed to be around and he will be missed greatly by his friends and family. He was one of those people who when you left his company your jaw was tired and your sides ached from laughing at his jokes and actions.
But this wasn`t meant as a memorial to the poor man. This is just to urge my friends here to take care of yourself this flu season. Obviously this can be a very serious strain of flu to alot of people. This man wasn`t old by most of our standards at 51 years of age. And while he was more than just a little overweight and had a few minor health problems. He was also an Emergency Room nurse who was in good enough physical condition to work very, very long hours and still lead a pretty active life.
The man just wasn`t feeling good for a few days and he left work early one evening only to come back the next day and admit himself to the hospital. From there it only took a couple short weeks and he was gone, leaving family and friends in a state of sadness and shock.
So guys, this flu season don`t just automaticaly run out to the supermarket and pickup a bottle of the over-the-counter stuff. The CDC says if you think your coming down with the flu go see your doctor to make sure its not the H1N1 strain. Please don`t just blow it off by thinking "I just have a touch of the flu, its nothing serious" Becuase here was a man who I`m sure thought the same thing. And since he was a 20 plus year medical professional and he couldn`t tell the diference how can any of the rest of us?
So this year guys play it a little safer than last year. Hopefully if you do catch a flu-bug this year it won`t be anything serious. But its always better to be safe than sorry when your gambling with what could potentially be your life.


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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by bat on Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:46 am

Thank you for this post, Jim - and for this warning. It is wise to allways remember the danger. Live goes on, and you very quickly forgett, that you could be endangered.

A good thing for prevention is to wash your hands after handshakeing - ore even to no longer handshake. And when the influ goes arround in your town - better dont go where lots of people are. (You can watch the new movie later).

Let us be carefull - and play a lot of onlinegames - we will not infect eachother there Smile


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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Virago on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:11 am

I would like to add that the general advice in the UK is not to go in person to your doctor. The virus is very infectious and the surgery is already full of ill people who can catch the virus more easily than healthy people. The advice here is to phone your doctor and ask for a telephone consultation and then the doctor will visit you.

But lets also put this in perspective .... yes it is an easily catchable virus and we should take precautions. The UK is the highest affected area outside of America and Mexico with 70 deaths from swine flu. sounds a lot but when you consider that there are 60 million people living in the UK (yes, I know its such a tiny island!) that 70 deaths represents a little over 1 millionth of the population, and in the majority of cases the deaths were becuase of complications caused by another more serious existing illness. Reported cases? ... I dont know but I do know that last week alone there was 4,500 new cases and 5,000 the week before. So don't panic people, the survival rate is good if you keep an eye on the symptoms and take action early enough. Most people recover from swine flu in about seven days even without treatment, although most sufferers are given anti-viral medication which seems to be working here.

For more info see here.... http://www.swineflubritain.co.uk/#/symptoms/4534798550

and here .... http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Pandemic-flu/Pages/Introduction.aspx

sorry its the UK site but the information is useful wherever you live.

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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Cookiemnstr on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:17 am

Yeah we have the same "informative" websites here that are U.S. based as well. And while our government recomendations may be a little different at this time the symptoms are basically the same as any other flu. And yes, they point to other underlying medical conditions here also as contributing to death, they just don`t name them as I`m sure they cant as they surely are different in each case. But don`t most people have atleast some kind of medical condition, minor or major?
Micheal was a guy who never missed a day of work and while he did have a few minor health problems like most people, he had no life threatning diagnosis at the time he got sick. And obviously his job puts him at a much greater risk of exposure than most others. Anyway I guess everyone`s immune system is different. Im one of the fortunate ones who hardly ever gets sick. And when I do I`m guilty of just suppressing the fever and working anyway. This year I`ll likely re-think my strategy a little bit.
My point is to be carefull this year guys. Don`t panic but maybe take a flu bug a little more seriously than before. If you think your pretty sick, seek what ever medical advice is available to you is all. Im not sure what the reported cases here are or the ratio from contraction to death. Those kind of stats are always a little blurry anyway. But according to those stats, chances are none of us will contract this strain of flu. None of us will likely get hit by a bus or struck by lighting either. So don`t plan any golf outings in thunderstorms and look both ways before you cross the street.
This was just meant as a plead to you, my friends, to take care of yourselves and those you love this flu season.

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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Sparky on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:25 am

Thanks Jim happy 3 , and sorry to hear about your friend, we got a bunch of cases about 50 miles from where I live pale


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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:46 am

I use a lot of anti bacterial lotion as it's quick and easy to apply in restaurants etc and evaporates on application and it also comes in small pocket bottles.


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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Atomis on Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:48 am

Thank you for all the information Jim.
I can just tell you that I take very seriously this disease because I am part of the population at risk, I am asthmatic

Then, I do not want to panic but I am very aware of everything concerning the flu H1N1.

Take care all



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Re: I want to be serious for a minute

Post by Sponsored content

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