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*****w33d pwns stinger

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*****w33d pwns stinger

Post by w33d pwns cadrack on Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:11 pm

my login name is a mistake. cadrack and stinger were in game when this happened and i wrongfully accused cadrack of being an incompetent piece of **** when stinger was the true hero.

he (or she) banned me from ur sanctuary server cuz i was winning a 2v1. quite easily to be honest. (no offense to cadrack of course, i later spoke to him later where he told me he hadnt been the banner) if anything, stinger makes ur clan look bad. id ask to be unbanned, but im quickly reminded i might run into this stinger fool again, so dont bother.

-legit halo'r


w33d pwns cadrack

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Re: *****w33d pwns stinger

Post by bat on Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:33 pm

Good morning "THC_Mr w33d"

First thing: I do not accept anyone boting on my server - and your botting was obvious. You came 3 times to the server and i waited for you with 3 different names to observe you. When you came the 3. time, it turned out very clear and you got yourslef this ban. Btw - i also could have baned you for your bad language - but thats an other story.



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Re: *****w33d pwns stinger

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:22 am

Also excessive swearing and abusive behaviour towards any of our forum users will also result in a ban from these forums. While we are happy to provide a place for you to complain, we will not tolerate antisocial behaviour of any kind.

I understand that you may be angry at getting a ban, but if you were using unacceptable language in a server than you get kicked or banned. It's the same rules on all our servers.

As you have registered your complaint and you have an answer this topic is now locked


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Re: *****w33d pwns stinger

Post by Sponsored content

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