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Post by Trial on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:22 am

sorry to make you read this but this is too serious

Peter was born in Haringey in England on 1 March 2006, after months of torture of unimaginable cruelty Peter eventually died Aug. 3, 2007 at the age of 17 months. Peter was the 4th child of Tracey Connelly, he had three older sisters ... A fourth (half-sister's daughter Barker) was born in jail ...

Tracey told anyone who would listen that she and her husband were overjoyed by the arrival of their little boy. Later, she will say on the net, that his son is the coolest person she met ...

Peter's mother was at the birth of the last 25 years of age, born June 29, 1981 in Leicester, she was the unwanted daughter of a prostitute, drug addict and alcoholic Mary O'Connor and a pedophile. For many years it was believed that his biological father was the husband died in 1988 of his mother. In fact, at 12 she learned that the man she had always considered the author of his life (an abusive man who beat his mother) had paid another man to spend a night with Mary to satisfy a fantasy. 9 months later, Tracey was born. That biological father was never interested in his daughter, he was convicted of pedophilia in other children in the Dismantling of Internet pedophile network in the 90 and accused of raping a minor of 14 years in 70s.

Tracey grew up in a dysfunctional home, neglected, raped by a parent physically abused and it has rapidly when social services had to take charge. Butterwort girl, not too messy and intelligence she never managed to integrate among others, it has always been dismissed and faces the scorn, the tramp `` `` Tracey was called. His journey was difficult and made her a woman overweight, selfish, calculating and manipulative without scale never really had a serious job and is leaving to live by social systems. It is neither more nor less the product of an environment of neglect, violence and abuse. Violence is normal for it by specialists.

She met the father of her children at the age of 16. Under pressure from her husband's family she decided against the heart to marry this man 17 years her elder. The marriage was unhappy quickly ... Despite this she quickly became pregnant with her first daughter. Soon after the birth of her first, she became pregnant with the second and finally a little later a third daughter. In March 2006 it was the turn to his little boy born ...''I want a house full of children,''she said ...

According to the authorities and specialists, compared to the past by Tracey, Peter had no chance ...

The story of Baby P is one of the worst cases of brutality and cruelty inflicted on a child.

It was a beautiful baby in perfect health. It was under his father in a child friendly easy smile, happy and full of life. A little boy with life ahead of him ... But after long months of abuse of unimaginable cruelty, Peter had been reduced to a nervous wreck, his hair shaved into the scalp and body bruises and scabs. Unimaginable physical injury, 8 broken ribs, a broken back and the top of a finger missing, while the emotional damage was almost incalculable. Still, Baby P had yet attempted a smile to his social worker during his last visit four days before his tragic death.

Her mother Tracey Connelly was left in the hands of a sadistic monster fascinated by torture. After a post-partum depression, she slowly begins a progressive detachment to result in abandonment and total neglect of his son. ''It's a demanding child always wanting to be cared for him''! She said! "

Shortly after the birth of Peter, Tracey Connelly met a new man (Steven Barker). She is madly in love and quickly became blatantly deceived the father of Peter.

His relationship with the natural father of Peter ended in June 2006. The final blow was when she chose to be accompanied by Barker in a reunion school rather than her husband's father ... Peter got sick to tolerate this situation, bear to see Barker home on his sofa when he came home ... Peter was 3 months.

After the departure of his father, Peter very soon presented physical signs of abuse. Her mother took her to the hospital regularly. Peter had daily significant injury to the head, face and body.

At first, it seems that Barker was playing with the boy, he amused him and made him laugh ... However, Peter has quickly began to fear the''boyfriend''. Her maternal grandmother says he was terrified by Barker, when he was at the other end of a room and he saw that Peter was crawling with all his might and shouted to his grandmother took him in his arms and behind her ... It is not clear whether the grandmother lived with Peter or not a certain period ...

There is no single time the''boyfriend''did not mention the violence before the grandmother of Peter, fascinated by the torture he was a great follower of Hitler and hunting knives ... He would Peter forced to follow his orders like a dog. With the click of a finger, he remained with his head down between his legs 20 minutes later, a second click was the signal that it could sit again. When Barker arrived in the same room as Peter, he had to salute him as Hitler ...

Between November and December 2006, Barker moved secretly into the home of Peter. Traecy done everything to hide the presence of Barker authorities she feared above all to be deprived of its social assistance ... It's when the suffering of Peter have increased dramatically ...

Peter's case was referred to social services after a doctor had expressed concern when he noticed the marks on the body of Peter. Each time, his mother always defended himself by claiming that the skin of Peter scored easily. She had the explanation that he had fought with a child 18 months or that he had marks on the body caused by games with the child as to launch into the air and then catch up with love that his son loved the rough tumble games, it was clumsy and fell off his chair and so on.

A police investigation began and accusations of abuse were made against Tracey and Mary O'Connor. To protect Barker, Tracey has already claimed it was the grandmother of Peter, which was hard on him ...

In December 2006, Peter was removed from the home for between placed with a family friend. He spent his only Christmas ... But because this friend did not want custody of Peter and she was very insistent with the authorities, Peter had returned home at the end of January 2007, despite the fact that outstanding charges still on his mother for abuse and neglect. Some objected to this decision, but the mentality was to keep as much as possible family unity. Appeased by an apology from the mother, the authorities decided that Peter should go home ...

Peter has been visited 60 times by social workers, they all rated the abuse made baby he was worried that Peter no longer respond to danger, he was out he wanted to avoid contact, he Having lost weight to look. Thus, he beat his head against the chairs and floors ... Maria Ward, the principal social worker assigned to the case of Peter in January 2007 would have even found during a surprise visit: wrapped in a blanket on the sofa in the summer heatwave, it was sweaty and completely leaving him gasping red and dehydrated. It was noted that he was regularly left alone for days in his little crib unattended and without food! Tracey's father has already made the point that he realized during a visit to his daughter, has a 2:00 p.m. afternoon the boy was still trapped in her crib without receiving a single meal of the day Neighbours and friends have seen little Peter eating dirt in the garden because he was hungry, he also picked for food, crumbs of bread and biscuits fallen under the table by the older ... These same neighbors said that Peter was a baby trying removed to avoid contact, quiet and it's obvious he would not be noticed.

At this time the authorities did not know you it seems that the tortures were inflicted by Peter Barker. However, some police report leads us to believe that some people knew ...

The last picture of Peter (the one with chocolate on face) taken four days before his death shows us a baby weak and frightened. During the last planned visit by social worker Maria Ward: to hide her injuries, her mother, melted chocolate (chocolate bar laxative) and smeared her face and hands ... She also brushed the head of antibacterial cream on the pretext of treating an infection ... The cruel reality was once more to hide its massive injuries to the head, hands and face! He was strapped into her stroller because, paralyzed from the waist down he was no longer sit up unassisted! The boyfriend had broken his back, a few days ago, forcing him against his spine knee (a bit like breaking a tree branch on one knee) ... Peter screamed so heartrending than other people the house had to cover your ears!

Tracey, Peter went outside to await a visit from the social worker. The latter did not notice anything wrong!

Maria Ward, the caseworker, said she visited the home four days before the death of Baby P for a prearranged meeting. She found the boy in his stroller, his wounds covered with chocolate. "He had eaten a chocolate biscuit and there was chocolate on his face," she told the court. "He had chocolate on his hands and face." She said she asked the mother to wipe his face before leaving Peter and mother started cleaning. Miss Ward noted that the boy had a scalp infection which was covered with white cream and an ear infection. But she added: "It looks good. He smiled when I spoke to him." The social worker said she was happy to leave the boy with his mother because she seemed to be cooperative and cared for properly.

It's quite incredible that she did not take only 2 minutes to get close enough for Peter to see how he was wrong ... Even Tracey could not believe his luck and admitted that the social worker should be blind to have noticed anything unusual! After that, Peter was pushed into the kitchen and left there for hours ...

What Steven Barker also to Peter:

"He cut off his fingers with a knife and tore off the nails with pliers! He loved her fingertips cut and weigh very hard to get out the maximum amount of blood and this, until Peter screams in pain ... Then it was easier to withdraw the nails, he said.

"He demanded that Peter reaches out to and remain in the air for 30 minutes and sometimes longer.

Peter was taken and pressed so hard in the trachea it became blue. Barker also liked to take Peter by the head or foot and swing across the room (especially the show), not to mention that he struck his head on the floor.

"He loved to hit the private parts of Peter with the heel of a shoe ...

-He has also bitten the head to cause his dogs to attack, then he gave the order for dogs to attack Peter! At autopsy several bites were found on the body of Peter, mainly on the head with a very large wound on top of his skull. It is not clear whether they are animal or human bites or 2 but assumes that they are human and animal bites ...

The night could be heard Peter cry, whine, call his mother ... For hours! His cry was plaintive and terrified ... He did not cry like when a baby is hungry, her crying seemed to say, leave me alone! Tell the girl who shared the home of Peter the last weeks of his life. She also told that the only word that Peter said was: Mommy, he could call for hours ... She never came to see him, to console, comfort him or just give a little love ...

Peter beat his head against the bars of his bed for hours. Sometimes the teenager said it was unbearable ...

-It has been weeks without being changed layer: it was red raw skin, rotten and infected! Barker was ordered not to change diapers Peter (he remained in his diaper for 5 whole weeks), nor to approach Peter. Nobody could comfort him, comfort him or even heal some wounds (the girl and girlfriend of Jason Owen wanted to do you it seems) ... Not only tortured physically but Peter, he also deprived him of any condition , love and care he could receive the teenager or his sisters ... Tracey had even a few times to ask permission to eat a little Peter.

"The day, Baker played with him like a rag doll sometimes by throwing 6-foot high on the floor! By turning on a chair until he falls down or is sick, then he began ... This game could last hours and his mother attended and seemed to find it very funny ...

-He used Peter as a punching bag, he rushed shots, he broke eight ribs, tibia and so on. Peter's being taken to hospital at some point with a swelling of the head so important that meningitis was diagnosed ...

"He struck his head in the fireplace lounge and wounded him in the mouth with glass bottles. He wanted to toughen as he said!

"He pulled him to the left ear in part (a large part of his ear was detached from his head) It would have raised and swung by Peter ear repeatedly.

1 August 2007, Peter saw a pediatrician, but a full review was not possible, the pediatrician thought Peter miserable and grumpy! She claimed that Peter was no different from other children with a common cold ...

What she does not see is that Peter had a broken spine in 2 and bleeding in the neck and back, he was paralyzed from the waist down! She claims that he moved his feet when they moved Peter ... He also had eight broken ribs and so much blue, bruises and injuries of any kind. At that time Peter was already dying ... He had the weight of a child 5 months or younger: 23 pounds or 10.5 kg.

On August 2, 2007, the charges hanging over Peter's mother were withdrawn for lack of evidence, Tracey said she was delighted and she hurried to embrace and go make a cake for his son ... The same evening he was assassinated by a terrible blow to the face!

That evening to 23:00, Peter was crying for hours because he was terribly ill, hungry and alone in his crib and his excrement for days ...

Barker said:''I'm going to sort out!''He entered the room and slammed the door ...

Peter became silent ... Peter was hit so hard his face that he swallowed a tooth. His tooth was found in his digestive system during the autopsy ... Probably the force of the blow to the small compressed the trachea and as he was very weak and dying, it was enough for Peter stops breathing ... Since no one has rescued Peter mourru ...

On August 3, 2007-11:35 am, Peter's mother finally called the ambulance, Peter was found almost naked, sleeps in his bed splattered with blood ... She knew it seems that Peter had died the day before ... She would have asked the ambulance and wait until it is smoking a cigarette before you go ... Jason Owen was based on the testimony of the girl, wept before the little blue body Peter and stiff and tried to resuscitate the little but it was revealed that Owen had asked the girl to lie to protect him ... Barker and his brother Peter had undressed and tried to get rid of his bloody clothes ... They took refuge in the forest ...

Peter was taken to hospital but unfortunately it was too late. Peter had been dead for several hours ...

Peter died alone, without love, and after long months of daily torture imaginable. He had 17 months!

The autopsy proved that Peter was more than 50 injuries, severe bites on the head caused by dogs or humans,

-All clothes were blood-stained Peter ... He had eight broken ribs for 1 to 2 weeks

- The skin on the tongue and lips had been torn by the force of blows!

"His spine was broken in two places at 2 in bleeding for 48 hours and had the tips of fingers and toenails black. There was a missing right middle finger and nails and skin were torn off !!!!!

It was revealed that Barker had filmed the torture done to Peter on his cell (mobile) ... It would then buried it (laptop) in the forest and marked an X in a tree at this place ... However, the phone was never found .. Too bad because this was proof positive that tortured Peter Barker ...

Barker and Tracey have also laughed at their trial at the list of torture made to Peter!

Thousands or millions of people were touched by his story.

Several wanted to make him a gift and say goodbye, there are quantities of videos and memorials in memory of Peter ... The Blue Ribbon Day (in honor of her beautiful blue eyes) was created on 1 March is now the official day against abuse against children.

-The judge ordered that the name of the mother's boyfriend and that of Peter, is not disclosed for legal reasons (Barker was on trial for raping the sister of 2 years of Peter). The Ordinance was closed since autumn 2009. That is why Peter is now known as Baby P.

Today his dad is fighting hard for justice to be done to his son, he raised the dignity Amouret respect the sisters of Peter.

Peter, I wanted to know and take you with me, I would have liked to protect yourself ...

I only hope that where you are, you may receive a little of all this love ... I love you!

This is a true story

how can anyone be so inhumane with kids ???????


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Post by nick on Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:26 pm

I remember this case being all over the media, such a horrible thing that happened, and it made the whole country wonder why such violence could go on for so long

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Post by Virago on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:40 pm

I remember this too .... and the sad thing is that this is not the first such case in England. There are other stories like this.



and finally ... and most shocking this website lists as many as possible


as a nation we fail at protecting children

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Post by Ghost on Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:14 am

the question that really need answering about this case is how could the mother turn a blind eye to the beatings of her little baby boy?
what kind of love is that?
the poor boy hadn't done anything to the boyfriend and yet he thought it was acceptable to constantly harm the child
she should have spoken out about what was happening but she decided to cover up teh actions that were being done.
Yes social services have been blamed but how can they find problems when things have been covered up?

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