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Team Fortress 2 CTF story

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Team Fortress 2 CTF story

Post by Ghost on Fri May 25, 2012 8:26 am

Hey guys i wanted 2 write a story but didnt have a blog so i wet 4 the next best place
This story is about a CTF round on Team Fortress 2. I might try and do a translation into French (the character i was playing as was a frenchman)

When i arrived at 2fort things were already tence. my team (red) was just preparing for the off. Butterbean the Pyro was briefing us on what we had to do. Our mission: to infiltrate the enemy base, find and locate their intel room and return to our base with their intel in our hands. On our mission clocks we had 10 seconds left until the claxons would sound and the round would begin. In these climatic moments i ensured that my equipment was in full working order. One must always check because in the spys line of work things can go horribly wrong when there is an equipment malfunction as i had found out on many occasions
The claxon sounded and we all piled out of the room. I turned left onto the battlements and activated my active cam device cunningly disguised as a gold digital watch with a worn leather strap. The watch was called Cloak and Dagger and was better than the invisi watch i had been given after leaving the spy academy, the Cloak and Dagger enabled me to remain invisible while wating for it to recharge aslong as i didnt move. After jumping down from the battlements i was cautious not to bump into anyone incase i gave myself away. I then procceded to cross a small,narrow but covered bridge to the over teams base (blu). Looking at my watch i noticed it was due a recharge and backed up against the outer wall of the enemies base inbetween two enterances. after the watch had recharged i pressed on into the base. immediatly i stopped next to the nearest wall and listened and heard the disinctive beeping of a Sentry turret built by a Engineer. I heard a crackling in my ear and heard the slightly muffled american voice of Butterbean asking for a sit-rep. The reason Butterbeans voice was muffled was because of the gasmask type helmet that he wore. I informed him of the Sentry and asked whether he wanted me to try and take it out. He replied saying that everyone was on the move and that i was not to bother as it would be dealt with my my fellow team mates. i quickly and quietly moved past the Sentry and its creator who was buzy creating a Dispensor so that his colleuges could heal and restock on ammo before moving on. I entered a small courtyard with stairs going u on either side and was alerted to the sound of one of my collegues calling for help. The teammate in question was a Heavy weapons specialist by the name of Spam-a-lot . He had also managed to break through the enemies defences but was having trouble with an enemy Demolitions expert (or Demoman for short). From the shadows i watched helplessly as Spam-a-lot was hacked to pieces by the Demoman's sword called the 'Eyelander but i knew that his death had not been in vain as it had distracted the blues of my precsence for a little longer. I climbed up the stairs near a sign that read 'INTELIGENCE'(the blues were oviously advertising they intel) and headed down the set of stairs that the arrow pointed to. I deactivated my Cloaking device for a short period of time while walking down the stars to enure that there would be no problems incase i needed it again. As i got to the bottom of the stairs i again stopped to listen to see if there was any danger in the area. Realising that there was none i moved towards the room that housed the one prize that i had come for, a blue briefcase holding all of Blu teams top secret data. I entered the room at a slow and careful state as not to give away my presence to any unseen enemy that might have been hiding in the room. To be doublely sure that i was not going to be seen i activates my cloaking device again and stood in the far corner of the room. Butterbean radioed in again asking for an update and I informed him that I was in the empty intel room and asked what he wanted my next move to be. He informed me that he and the rest of the team the blues cornered in their courtyard(where i saw Spam-a-lot meet his demise) and that he was sending backup to help me get back to our base. I stayed put until i heard footfall on the corridors and drew my Diamondback revolver and began to sweep the room from side to side watching all enterances. From around the corner a Heavy by the name of LewisW and an exeptionly helpful Medic called Cheesecake appeared and ran into the room. I deactivated my cloak and picked up the case. Heading out of the intel room i heard the sound of gunfire getting louder and louder on the floor above me as the three of us left via an exit that would lead us to the main floor of the blue base. As i was exiting the enemies base i bumped into Butterbean heading away from the main fighting and tried to talk to him. I recieved no responce and radioed in to see if he was still alive. The responce was yes and that could only mean one thing...the Butterbean that had joined my convoy was an enemy spy in disguise and the Pyro leader. I told the Cheesecake and LewisW about the diguised spy and they asked what me what to do. I told them to keep following and that i would deal with the spy myself. I started to slow down and allowed the group to pass me and as Butterbean/enemy Spy passed me i brought out my knife. It was a Butterfly knife that had served me well on many occasions and i knew that i would not fail to bring the spy down. As i neared the spy he turned around and shot me whith his pistol thus losing his disguise and conferming my suspisions and so the fight was on. He too changed to his knife and what ensued was a kind of swordfight. I had the advantage though because Cheesecake started started to heal me from a safe distance while the LewisW went back to the fight that was happening inside the enemy base. On the battlements of Red base there were two snipers but because of the fact that me and the enemy spy were fighting at close quarters with each other they were unable to shoot the spy in fear of shooting me. The fight seem to last forever with me and my enemy counterpart trading blows and circling eachother asif it were a dance. Finally i got the upperhand and preformed one of my legendary Backstabs and the enemy Spy fell to the dusty ground dead. The rest of the journey back to Red Base was uneventful and by the time I get to our own intel room i was tired from the fight with the enemy spy. As i placed the enemy intel case on the desk i saw the real Butterbean approaching from one of the two enterances. I had finally secured my teams victory over the blues and was ready for the next round but Billybean told me to get some rest and that i deserved the capture. I returned to the spawn room, sat down and closed my eyes

Let me know if u want it translated to french and i'll try my best What a Face

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Re: Team Fortress 2 CTF story

Post by Atomis on Fri May 25, 2012 7:18 pm

Ghost wrote: Hey guys i wanted 2 write a story but didnt have a blog so i wet 4 the next best place

Let me know if u want it translated to french and i'll try my best What a Face

Ok James, I want it, do it Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Wink Wink .

Btw, You have say you didn't have a blog, then, Martian help you now about that ... Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes

Check out the Member's Blog section and I think you will see your name Very Happy .



P.S : If you want move your text in your blog, you can now.

P.S² : If you do it, I will delete the post here (let me know ^^)

Now, Martian can go to bed because it is late
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